You Aren't Crazy


“You aren’t crazy. You’re just wounded.” Maybe you need to hear that today.  

Sometimes emotions can feel like a tangled web of a mess that can’t be sorted through.  Like a tangled strand of Christmas lights that you’d rather throw away than untangle (ever done this? Me too). Even when the lights still work. Sometimes emotions hijack the driver seat and throw reason and logic in the back. The resulting behavior?

Usually nothing that you’re proud of. 

But know this: You don’t have to hold your head down in shame. You don’t have to listen to the negative tape your mind is replaying. 

Why? Because who you truly are down deep is NOT defined by how you feel or by your behavior. Even if the world says otherwise. 

God is not ashamed of your messy emotions. He feels no shame when He looks at the one and only you. 

He’s a Father who loves to parade you (lyrics by Delirious). 

You are in process.  

You are still learning. 

The in between spaces can be tough to navigate. The spaces between where you want to be emotionally and spiritually and where you find yourself to be. Nothing will slow your progress or leave you stuck like a negative internal dialogue.  

So gift yourself with this truth today: You are not crazy.

Chances are you’re just wounded.  

And find the courage to look at the areas that need to heal. The thoughts and feelings behind the actions and where they stem from. 

You don’t have to stay wounded.

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