You Are Going To Make It


Today marks a miracle. A day when I remember. Hey you in the mirror....I know that most of your days feel ordinary now, but you survived something horrific. You made it through to the other side.  

A friend of mine texted me this morning. Reminding me that she too remembered this day. It made my eyes water and my heart smile. 

This day 4 years ago was one of THE best of my life. Aside from the birth of my children, few things come close. Like I could still run and scream just thinking about it. 

For every best day, there is a worst day too. No one is immune. Everyone experiences a worst day of some kind. 

During my worst day, I remember telling my mom that nothing would ever be okay again. Ever. That’s how it felt in the moment. 

Do you have any idea how despairing it was to feel that way? 

It’s the reason people end up taking their life. They see no end to how they are feeling in the moment. I didn’t want to take my life. But there were moments when I didn’t want to live. 

Sometimes you just need someone to walk with you through the hard stuff. To remind you that you’re going to make it. I thank God a trillion times over for the people who walked with me. They were my rescue. They were evidence that God was with me all along, even though I couldn’t see it at the time. They loved me enough to enter my brokenness and walk with me through it. I didn’t need them to fix it for me. No one could have anyway. I didn’t need them to say some super spiritualized thing to me. I needed someone willing to come sit in the dark with me. It gave me the strength to eventually see that there was light. There was still goodness and hope for my life. I needed it so much. 

The world is full of people in the middle of their best day. And it’s also full of people in the middle of their worst. If your eyes are fully open, you will see both. There are people out there feeling like it will never by okay again. And it may never be okay in the way one wishes it could be. There will be a “new normal” as someone once said to me. Life really can be beautiful again. I’ve seen it and experienced it. 

Give yourself to someone’s brokenness today. Tell them everything you wish someone would have said to you on your worst day.  

And if you’re in your worst day and feeling alone, message me. Gosh...I would be so honored. You are a miracle. And you’re going to make it.

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