With Candles and Everything


I called her to the front of room. She sat in the seat next to me, a mixture of anxiety and excitement suppressed behind her grin. Tomorrow is a big day. And she is a big deal. She’s just still learning to believe it. 

She is due to be released from prison tomorrow, into the unknowns and the new beginnings that lie ahead in her story. 

I tell her how proud of her I am and remind her of how far she has come. Because sometimes those things are difficult to see in yourself and people always need to be celebrated. 

I tell her about the time my uncle walked into his house and realized my aunt made a birthday cake for him. 

He looked at her and asked, “with candles and everything?” 

Because sometimes we all need to be reminded that we are worth celebrating. 

So I remind her. 

You are worth candles and everything. And don’t you ever forget it.”

So I’m telling you too as you read this.  

You are worth the cake and the candles. You are worth celebrating. You are a big deal. 

Don’t forget it. Don’t ever let anyone else tell you different.

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