When Nothing Is Okay


If you ever find yourself with this thought: Nothing is okay right now, know that it’s okay to admit that.    

It’s safe to admit it. Safer to admit it than to suppress it. And it doesn’t make you weak. Quite the opposite. It makes you strong and brave and bold. Avoiding it doesn’t make it not true. In fact, it makes it louder and makes you feel more alone in your pain. 

I am thankful that is not the season I find myself in. But I’ve been there and this is what it taught me.... 

One of the greatest lies believed during the not okay seasons is this:  

Life is always going to feel this way.  

Ugh. It’s such a heavy and despairing thought. And SO far from the truth. 

It’s a lie. It’s a lie that will drive you deeper into the wanting to give up. Not that recognizing it’s a lie is some fluffy resolve that makes a sad situation happy. It does not. But lies distort the truth and make the truth seem like a lie. 

One of the most powerful things someone ever said to me was this simple phrase: It won’t always feel like it does right now. 

I wish I could make you understand how hard it was to believe in that moment. But just hearing that sparked hope in my spirit and gave me courage to brave the days ahead. 

Don’t give up brave one. Don’t you dare. I promise it won’t always feel like it does right now.

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