The Unlearning


Everyday, I try to ask myself this question: “What are you learning today?” 

I want to live fully awake and not lulled to sleep by the monotony of life and daily routines. To stop learning is to stop growing, which even if you are still breathing is a tragic death of some kind. 

But I have also been asking myself an equally important question and it’s this: 

What are you unlearning today?” 

Because part of life is unlearning the untrue things our minds have learned along the way. 

I am unlearning self criticism and learning to be good to myself in my thoughts. 

I am unlearning the habit of being overly self conscious and self aware and learning to be more concerned with how I make others feel when they are with me. 

I am unlearning fear. Always fear. And I am learning that fear is healthy in its rightful place and also a distorted and controlling monster when it is not. 

The learning and the unlearning...both are equally important.

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