September's Song


I love Fall in Ohio. Even if it means the flowers I've enjoyed looking at through my back window all summer start to droop a little more each day. Their blossoms fall away and give way to crunchy leaves and crisp air.

Whether I want them to or not, the seasons in my life also bring change. September is my birthday month. It is also the anniversary month in which I entered a season of deep brokenness and regret. A decade ago this year.

I can never undo that season. There is no rewinding the tape. Or hitting delete. If only it were that simple. What I can do and what I have done, is hand God the heaping pile of ashes I made of my life.

" take the world of devastation I caused and rebuild."

I realize that some seasons you can't just walk away from. You carry them with you. You remember. You learn and you grow.

I must allow the seasons of my life to change. I must bury regret, unforgiveness and shame.

Holding on will cost me something. My peace. My self worth. My perspective. Living in the present moment. My life. I know because I 've done it.

Let the seasons of your life change. It takes courage I know.



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