Mirror Mirror On the Wall


Who's the fairest of them all? You are, my dear.


When did you learn to be so unkind to her? 

To the face looking back in the mirror. 

If you’re going to judge her for her worst day, then at least judge her for her best day too. 

But how about stopping with the judgement altogether.  

Stop blaming her. 
Stop with the being overly critical. 
Stop tearing her to shreds. 

No more. It stops here. 

She will never become all that she’s meant to be through your shaming. 

Only through love and acceptance. 

By pressing in. Learning to listen.  

To the stillness deep within.  

Beneath the chaos. 

Where it’s so quiet you can hear the heart beat. 


Her heart will tell you the truest truth you’ve ever heard. All of the why’s. 

And then you will lay down your stone and you will understand. 

You will be reminded that mercy triumphs over judgement. Always

You will be able to show her grace. 

She is worth grace. She is worthy of kindness, compassion and love. 

And love will help you see the goodness that has always been there. 

You will want to be true to her above all others. 

Betrayal to her will never again be an option.

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