Living Your Best Life and How to Face Rejection


I sat with someone recently whose heart is broken like a million pieces of pottery smashed onto the ground. 

Breakups are brutal and just because you’re 15 years into a marriage, don’t act like you don’t remember being 17 and crying on your bed. Or 26. Or 45. You never reach an age where your heart is incapable of being broken. There may come a day when your son or daughter or friend or neighbor needs you to remember. 

I could see so much of myself in this person and I wanted to throw my arms around them and say... 

I love you. And I like you. 

I think you’re funny. 

I think you’re fun to be around. 

I think you’re worth having and certainly worth keeping. 

And there’s going to come a day when you’ll be grateful that person walked away. 

Can I share with you what I think is a superpower in the face of rejection? Not just romantic rejection but relational rejection of any form. 

It’s so simple it’s ridiculous really. 

It’s living your best life. 

And by best life, let me clarify that I don’t mean selfies with filters and you with your new boo. Nope. 

It’s getting up anyway. 

It’s going to the gym anyway. 

It’s meeting your friend for coffee when you want to cancel and showing up anyway. 

It’s putting your makeup on and your favorite pearls and still putting effort into YOU anyway (not that that requires makeup or jewelry, that’s just my thing). 

It’s a million breath prayers and deep sighs and continuing to live anyway. 

Over and over and over again. 

Is it faking it until you’re making it? 100%. But the point is that eventually, you won’t just be making it, you’ll be thriving it. 

Keep trying to live your best life because it’s the one you deserve to live, regardless of who decided to leave. 

You’re worth it.

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