Letting People In


Sometimes we put conditions on loving people, don’t we? 

I’ll let you into my heart. But don’t ask me to give you all of mine.  

Someone asked me the other day how to trust someone when your trust has been broken in the past. It’s a scary thing, isn’t it? 

I’ve lived on both sides of broken trust. The one violated and the one who broke it. That’s a tough thing to admit, but what I’ve learned from those seasons of heartache is this: 

Sometimes the reason you get hurt is because you put your trust in the wrong person. There is wisdom in guarding your heart. 

I can hear you saying it now...”but I trusted the right person and it still happened.” Yep. Sometimes it does. Broken people break people. Sometimes. Not every time. It doesn’t mean it will happen again. Have courage dear heart. 

There is self induced loneliness in building walls around your heart so high that no one can get in. 

And the illusion of keeping others out is also keeping you in. 

Choosing not to trust is really just an attempt to control an outcome that you think you can’t handle. 

I would rather be hurt than miss the opportunity to love and be fully loved a thousand times over. 

“Love is a risk that’s never a risk.” -Ann Voskamp 

In what ways do you need to let your walls down today? 

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