Growing Pains


She told me today from the backseat that one day she is going to be taller and won't need her car seat anymore. 

“Yes, ” I agreed. “You will outgrow it and won't need it anymore.” 

Such is true for places and seasons of our lives too. 

We outgrow them. Not in the sense of being superior but simply because they have served their purpose and time in our lives and to stay would be detrimental. 

But oh how we like to linger longer than we should. Don't you wish it were more simple, like the way shoes feel when they are too small or as black and white as reaching the height and weight criteria for outgrowing a car seat? 

Let's be honest, it's not. Change is scary. We are creatures of comfort and crave the familiar and tend to fear the unknown. 

I've been there before, lingering, dragging my feet, waiting for God to give me some firework display of a sign, and doubting what I've learned to be true. 

His will is often revealed through the desires of my own cautious heart. I am the one who makes it complicated. 

If this resonates with you, then I pray that God would make you so uncomfortable in your place of lingering that you can bear it no more. 

And when He does, it's His kindness and grace towards you, I promise. 

What we should fear more than anything is all that we are missing by lingering in old places we are meant to move on from. 

There is always so much more ahead than anything He calls you to leave behind.

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