Boundaries. If not well defined, they are like a fire that is not contained. Reckless and sure to burn you. 

Especially with people who are toxic.  

How do you know if someone is toxic to your life? Here’s a sure sign: interaction with them takes you days to recover from. 

What I have learned over time (and at a much slower rate than I would have wished for) and after being the recipient of verbal whiplash and brutal opinions I did not ask for is this: 

It takes guts to tell someone not to treat you or speak to you in a certain manner. And it doesn’t always work the first time. It takes continual courage and consistency. Especially when they have grown accustomed to treating you that way over time. 

But the alternative? Your self worth being violated and trampled every. single. time. 

We teach people how to treat us. Did you realize that? 

And some people refuse to be taught. In which case you have to love them from a very safe distance. With very limited and sometimes no contact. 

Chances are they are wounded. But that doesn’t mean their brokenness is an excuse to injure you.

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