There Is a Time to Heal


I heard a wounded heart open its mouth and speak the other day in passing. A statement said with fear in the disguise of confidence. 

"You can't trust anyone." It said. 

For a moment I expected…

You Are Fully Known

London, I'm coming for you.


Sometimes I feel like a human dichotomy. A division into two opposing categories of myself, which might be why I struggle with personality tests. My answers are generally found somewhere in the…

The Beauty of a New Normal



Scars on the chest. A permanent reminder of near death, an unexpected surgery and a new regimen of medications. A future calendar marked with frequent doctor visits. 

A house that echoes with silence and too much…

When There's No Room in the Inn



I heard my husband pacing back and forth in the hallway while mumbling faintly under his breath. Something about shampoo and trying to get a shower. The dilemma? A multitude of sharpie labeled boxes containing all of…

The Crushing Process

I tried out for drill team once in junior high. My self-worth rested in the hands of that panel of judges as they watched a bunch of seventh and eighth-grade girls file into the gym one by one to…

On Flying and Not Being Ruled by Fear

photo credit: Patrick Davis

Row 38, seat B. That was my assigned spot on the flight of my worst nightmares. My husband will tell you that I am being dramatic. Maybe. Maybe not. It was a windy day…

When You Find Yourself Dreading the Holidays


We all know that holidays are not a welcomed and celebratory time for everyone and for many different reasons. 

I hear people speak with dreadful anticipation of family gatherings and let's be honest, we are not the…

On Old Hymns and Being the Good Girl


I hear the Savior say, 
"Thy strength indeed is small; 
Child of weakness, watch and pray, 
Find in Me thine all in all." 
Jesus paid it all, 
All to Him I owe; 
Sin had left a crimson stain, 

The Practice of Confession


I almost threw a sandwich at Panera recently. When the plate clashed loudly against the table, it was a clue too late of my emotional fragility and inability to juggle all that was currently happening in my life…

The Two Waiting Room of Life


Tomorrow I will close the shutters for the last time. In a kitchen where my grandma used to can vegetables and cook for the families of her four daughters that she loved. I will empty the room where…

Hello There Alice



Life is unfair. Have you ever found yourself thinking that? Just know that I’m over here on this end with my hand raised. I’ve murmured it to myself. I’ve said it to my children as they plead…

Through the Wasteland


There is a quote by John Hope Bryant that says this: “The most dangerous person in the world, is a person with no hope.” 

Because they have nothing to lose. And feeling like you have nothing to…