Between Where We Are and Where We Are Headed

"Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” 
— Mary Olive

I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur. Full disclosure? I couldn't even spell it correctly the first time I typed that…

An Invitation to the Table


There is a slang term often used about being "woke." Maybe you've seen it behind a hashtag on social media. The term is way older than hashtags and can be traced back to the 1930s. Or at least…

There Is a Time to Heal


I heard a wounded heart open its mouth and speak the other day in passing. A statement said with fear in the disguise of confidence. 

"You can't trust anyone." It said. 

For a moment I expected…

You Are Fully Known

London, I'm coming for you.


Sometimes I feel like a human dichotomy. A division into two opposing categories of myself. 

Which might be why I struggle with personality tests. My answers are generally found somewhere in…

The Beauty of a New Normal



Scars on the chest. A permanent reminder of near death, an unexpected surgery and a new regimen of medications. A future calendar marked with frequent doctor visits. 

A house that echoes with silence and too much…

When There's No Room in the Inn



I heard my husband pacing back and forth in the hallway while mumbling faintly under his breath. Something about shampoo and trying to get a shower. The dilemma? A multitude of sharpie labeled boxes containing all of…

The Crushing Process

I tried out for drill team once in junior high. My self-worth rested in the hands of that panel of judges as they watched a bunch of seventh and eighth-grade girls file into the gym one by one to…

On Flying and Not Being Ruled by Fear

photo credit: Patrick Davis

Row 38, seat B. That was my assigned spot on the flight of my worst nightmares. My husband will tell you that I am being dramatic. Maybe. Maybe not. It was a windy day…

When You Find Yourself Dreading the Holidays


We all know that holidays are not a welcomed and celebratory time for everyone and for many different reasons. 

I hear people speak with dreadful anticipation of family gatherings and let's be honest, we are not the…

On Old Hymns and Being the Good Girl


I hear the Savior say, 
"Thy strength indeed is small; 
Child of weakness, watch and pray, 
Find in Me thine all in all." 
Jesus paid it all, 
All to Him I owe; 
Sin had left a crimson stain, 

The Practice of Confession


I almost threw a sandwich at Panera recently. When the plate clashed loudly against the table, it was a clue too late of my emotional fragility and inability to juggle all that was currently happening in my life…

The Two Waiting Room of Life


Tomorrow I will close the shutters for the last time. In a kitchen where my grandma used to can vegetables and cook for the families of her four daughters that she loved. I will empty the room where…