You Aren't Crazy


“You aren’t crazy. You’re just wounded.” Maybe you need to hear that today.  

Sometimes emotions can feel like a tangled web of a mess that can’t be sorted through.  Like a tangled strand of Christmas lights that…

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A Picture Says a Thousand Words


I used to keep this picture hidden in a drawer because I couldn’t bear to look at it. My emotions felt way too big to handle. Like those moments when your chest tightens and a well of tears…

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When Nothing Is Okay


If you ever find yourself with this thought: Nothing is okay right now, know that it’s okay to admit that.    

It’s safe to admit it. Safer to admit it than to suppress it. And it doesn’t make…

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The Unlearning


Everyday, I try to ask myself this question: “What are you learning today?” 

I want to live fully awake and not lulled to sleep by the monotony of life and daily routines. To stop learning is…

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Relationships Are Messy



Relationships are a lot of work, messy and complicated. Sometimes it’s easier to retreat and withdraw than to show up. Let’s be honest, it takes courage, grace and a lot of humility to show up some days. 

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September's Song


I love Fall in Ohio. Even if it means the flowers I've enjoyed looking at through my back window all summer start to droop a little more each day. Their blossoms fall away and give way to crunchy…

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On Toads and Stolen Innocence


His appearance was intimidating. Not that I'm the type that ever judges by appearance (sarcasm noted). His face was covered with tattoos and even more permanent than the ink was his scowled expression. The state issued prison uniform…

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Crushed Diamonds


There was a time in my life when today was one of the hardest days of the year. I was one-hundred miles from home that felt more like a thousand in a remote area of Ohio, surrounded by…

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The Whole Universe Should Know



Recently I read of the tragic suicide of someone I once knew and the story behind her pain. My heart felt wracked with grief.

Eight years ago I met her during a low point in both…

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Why Failure Is Important

I have never really been into sports. I’ve tried. But it’s just not my thing. That was until my middle son began his first year of wrestling. It’s an intense sport. Suddenly, I became that mom that is on my…Read more

Today Is All You Have


I always find myself more pensive than usual on New Year’s Eve. I say more so than usual because I tend to ponder and over think most everything. But on this particular day of the year, I experience…

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The Poverty of Loneliness

"The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved."  ~Mother Teresa


I recently stood at the bedside of someone who was dying. I wish I could tell you that I sat, but just moments…

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