When God Restores


I just think you should know that when God restores, it's not some half-hearted thing. 

It's not like you and I, with schedules that leave us five minutes to get everywhere, running into a store at the last minute to pick out a gift for someone that will do or is good enough. 

He not only restores what has been lost. He restores what you didn’t even know you needed and longed for, those secret things in the vault of your heart, known only to Him. 

When Joseph chose to name his firstborn son, Manasseh, meaning “causes to forget” because “God has made me forget all my trouble,” I don’t think for a second that he forgot. 

Who forgets being hated, sold out, falsely accused, and wrongfully imprisoned for 13 years? No one could forget that. 

I think he meant that the pain he endured was no longer greater than the beauty that came out of it. 

It no longer ruled him or wrecked him with grief. I think he made deep peace with it, to the point of being unable to imagine his affliction being subtracted from his story. 

Yea, that’s restoration for sure. 

God restores nothing half-heartedly. And one day you’re going to look back at this place of pain you may be facing today and the beauty that you’ll see will require more than your whole heart can contain. 

Just wait and see.

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